Photos of 2017


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Enjoying the sun in Park Güell

Barcelona, Spain

CCC East Pyrénées

Phil Deeker is an amazing man! He completed riding 10 of his Cent Cols Challenge back to back. It was a true privilege to join his for the East Pyrénées section.

Made it to the top!

Coll de la Gallina, Andorra

"Ralentir Passage Canadien"

Seen in Midi-Pyrénées, France

CCC East Pyrénées

The daily route sticker, clearly showing how much crazy elevation and distance we covered per day.

Enjoy the switchbacks down from Col de Pailheres

CCC East Pyrénées

On the way up to Col De Peyresourde

During the CCC East Pyrénées.

Golnaz on top of Yosemite Falls

Hendry's Beach, Santa Barbara

A nice evening sipping drinks and eating seafood at the Boathouse.